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март 21, 2022

Not bread, spelt cake

4 advantages of Spelt Pita over bread

Do you also think that white bread is no longer “on trend”? Our alternative is more non-standard - natural Bulgarian spelt in the company of super seeds! Starting a new diet, Spelt cake is healthy for your favourite spread. Why choose Spelt cake? Here are some reasons why it's worth replacing bread with it:

1. Healthy for your favourite spread

We like to combine slices of bread with butter, pate, jam and what not. It's quick, easy and delicious. Bread in itself is not bad - its content is bad. Nowadays, wheat is grown with pesticides, and the final product contains a large amount of yeast, salt and artificial additives. The content of Spelt cake is completely natural - 100% pure Bulgarian spelt. So you can enjoy your favorite traditional flavors while taking care of your health.

Replace the well-known bread with Spelt cake. In addition to a purer content, it also has a lower gluten content than ordinary bread, with a high content of fiber (10 g) and protein (13 g per 100 g of product).

2. High in selenium

Spelt is high in selenium - a powerful antioxidant found in few foods. It is key to maintaining a healthy immune system, a youthful appearance and a sharp mind. Selenium is a source of dietary fiber, useful for blood pressure and normal cholesterol levels.

3. 100% natural product

We use spelt from entirely Bulgarian producers. It is grown without pesticides because it has natural protection against agricultural pests. Spelt is a healthy plant and does not need to be treated with chemicals. This is what makes it 100% pure and natural without any toxic elements!

4. Increasingly preferred for its taste

More and more chefs and culinary experts are choosing to replace traditional crops such as wheat and rye with spelt. It can be used for desserts and pastries, as well as added to salads and main dishes.

Due to the fact that it is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, spelt is extremely useful for proper body function. Along with its benefits, it is increasingly preferred because of its taste. Spelt cake proves that healthy can also mean delicious!

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