Let’s eat corn for good health

Not bread, spelt cake
март 20, 2022
What do spelt chips and corn chips contain?
март 21, 2022

Let's eat corn for good health

We remove all prejudices that corn would interfere with your summer shape. It has many useful substances that improve human health. Ideally combines great taste and pleasant aroma. Let us not forget that it has already saved Europe from starvation. Can you imagine your favorite movie without a portion of popcorn next to you? And we can't. Here are some reasons to eat corn more often - read below!

1. Healthy for everyone

Corn is rich in vitamin E and this makes it extremely useful for both young and old. Vitamin E is an extremely powerful antioxidant that takes care of the overall tone of the body and greatly strengthens the immune system. Remind yourself of this extremely useful fact the next time you are wondering whether to eat corn.

2. The more, the better

Corn is rich in nutrients! Calcium and Phosphorus contained in it help strengthen bones and improve sleep. Magnesium supports digestion, and Sodium is responsible for the proper functioning of muscles. Iron and zinc ensure normal body growth and protect against disease. Good sleep, healthy body.

3. Bulgarian quality

Once we have shattered the myth of corn and convinced ourselves of its many beneficial properties for the human body, it's time to give it a new look. This is corn chips and this is corn cake. Don't worry - when we say chips, we don't mean the one that is greasy and fried. It is prepared only from 100% Bulgarian corn. It is not starch, but a real whole grain and rich in vitamins and fiber innovative product that really deserves attention. It is not fried, but expanded - this means that the corn kernels crack at a high temperature without fat. It combines great with our favorite dips - from the well-known Guacamole to the mouth-melting Dip Cheese.

Now what do you think? The next time you decide to have a Mexican night with friends, replace the tortilla with Corn Chips or Corn Cake.

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