What do spelt chips and corn chips contain?

Let’s eat corn for good health
март 21, 2022
Why Bulgarian spelt is a superfood?
март 21, 2022

What do spelt chips and corn chips contain?

No matter how much we try to watch what we eat, if we sit in front of the TV - we also need something to snack. At such a time, everyone dreams of something tasty that does not break the regime for the summer.

1. Spelt chips and cake have a natural taste and are made from 100% Bulgarian spelt

We don’t fry, instead it uses expansion technology, which allows us to heat without the use of fat. After expanding, we add olive oil (extra virgin), which gives a divine aroma. The chips is whole grain, and we use only spelt to make it. The spelt content is 93.5%, 5% olive oil and 1.5% salt. The chips is high in fiber - 9.6 grams per 100 g. This equates to 30% of the daily recommended intake.

2. The other new products that we are also very proud of are 100% Bulgarian Corn Chips and Corn Cake

The corn used in it is entirely purchased by Bulgarian farmers, who are controlled by our team from planting to harvest. In this way we are sure that our product is not made from GMO raw material. Upon acceptance of the corn, it undergoes strict quality control in order to be approved for production. Corn chips are also not fried, and the technology used to expand the grains. The content of chips is 92.6% corn, 4.6% olive oil and 1.7% salt.

Since the development of the first expanded product, our technologists have improved the recipe several times to ensure the cleanest possible product.

Try not to neglect the nutritional value of the products you consume. However, the well-known saying: "Man is what he eats" is valid in full force.

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