Why Bulgarian spelt is a superfood?

What do spelt chips and corn chips contain?
март 21, 2022

Why Bulgarian spelt is a superfood?

The purpose of this article is to remind you again of an ancient culture that is unknown to most people or is not taken seriously – spelt. As one of the most ancient cereals, it is difficult to process, but compared to others it has more useful nutritional properties. It was with this superfood that we created the new chips.

1. What does spelt contain?

Spelt is a crop that cannot be treated with artificial preparations and chemicals. The interesting thing here is that even planted in unfavorable soil, it does not absorb harmful substances from it. "Why is it not treated?" ... The primary source of wheat, spelt is an extremely healthy plant that does not require additional human intervention and does not contain cholesterol. Unlike wheat, which is an acidic food, it is alkaline - through its consumption a person obtains the necessary amount of zinc, manganese, iron and other basic trace elements. Extremely useful this type of wheat plays an important role in the fight against various diseases and can balance the menu for the day, adding to it the necessary fiber. Compared to other cereals, spelt is high in selenium, fat, protein, phosphorus and vitamins A and B.

2. Selenium and its influence

The undeniable superiority of spelt in terms of the content of natural antioxidants and the so important selenium has been proven. A team of scientists found that significant amounts of selenium accumulate in the grains of spelt, and its high content in the roots, favors the sowing of subsequent crops. Why is selenium so important for the normal development and functioning of the body? It has the ability to "cleanse" toxic metals, acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps fight damage caused by free radicals. Selenium intake is of existential importance for normal human functioning - its low intake leads to a number of health disorders, reduced fertility and lowered immune system.

3. Why did we create Spelt Chips?

Years ago, people learned about its many positive properties and characteristics and cultivated it successfully. That's why the new chips is made entirely of spelt. Grivassini' number one goal was to create a completely natural, high-grain, high-fiber product. Spelt chips contains more than 10 grams of protein, in other words over 21% of the recommended daily intake. It is prepared with the technology of expansion, which allows the grain to crack at high temperature WITHOUT frying. The olive oil added to it completes the wonderful healthy symphony for the palate.

We at Grivassini have created a new trend among snacks to complement people's menus in an easy, healthier way. Spelt chips is an innovative, but at the same time sufficient nutritional supplement to the daily menu. Suitable substitute for croutons in salad, nutritious breakfast, perfect snack with a glass of wine.

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